The Salesforce app for iPad saves one hour of work per day for each consultant.

Created in 2006, Humanessence is a firm specializing in temporary work, recruitment and transition management. The company, which has 20 employees, carries out nearly 600 placements per year. Its founder and director, Thierry Andrieux, turned to Salesforce to manage the processing of applications and set up innovative processes. The result: unprecedented responsiveness and optimal service for candidates and clients.

The Sales Cloud to improve the processing of applications

As its name suggests, Humanessence pays particular attention to the human dimension of recruitment. Responsiveness to candidates and clients and targeting their requests are therefore the watchwords of the firm, which is based on an innovative organization focused on Salesforce.

For candidates, it all starts with the submission of their CV via a short form, developed on the Salesforce platform, available on the Humanessence website. The back-office team automatically receives it, creates an associated file in the Sales Cloud tool and calls back the candidate within 48-72 hours to qualify their profile according to around fifteen criteria: availability, salary claims, validated diplomas, languages controlled, etc. If the candidate calls back to give more details, Humanessence employees access their file before even picking up the handset using Cisco connectors connecting the Sales Cloud to the firm's telephone network.

Thus equipped, the back office, which only has a dozen employees, is able to process the 300 applications received daily by the firm! “The secret of a recruiting firm is to properly qualify at the bottom and, for that, you need the right tool. Salesforce allows us to manage a database of 350,000 CVs,” says Thierry Andrieux.

“Like many SMEs, the firm started with Excel in 2006. But, in 2008, we had to find a tool capable of managing the amount of data that we process. I immediately thought of Salesforce, which turned out to be the most efficient and financially attractive tool after study. "
Thierry Andrieux, Founder of Humanessence

Maximum responsiveness at all times

The selected profiles are then sent to specialist consultants in the sector concerned. They then meet the candidates, "only if there is a potential position at stake, so as not to frustrate our interlocutors," insists Thierry Andrieux. "We virtually qualify candidates before we meet them, but we never do telephone interviews. The physical meeting is essential. "

During these interviews, the consultants all have an iPad with the Salesforce application, allowing them to consult and complete the candidates' file directly. They can also take notes when meeting client companies and easily find profiles that match their requests.

"The Salesforce application for iPad saves one hour of work per day for each consultant," says Thierry Andrieux. Thanks to this time saving, the consultants can better focus on the relationship with the candidates. But they also benefit from better and quickly available information allowing them to identify and send quickly - sometimes in less than an hour! - a profile corresponding to customers. This is a considerable advantage for Humanessence, which places 2 candidates a day on average, in a very competitive sector and where other firms benefit from much greater resources.

“My clients often ask me what high-tech tool I use. Salesforce allows us to demonstrate our desire for innovation. With the Salesforce app for iPad, I travel with my business under my arm. "
Thierry Andrieux, Founder of Humanessence

An ideal tool for SMEs

Used daily by all employees of the company, Salesforce is today at the heart of Humanessence's operation. The Sales Cloud makes it possible to improve and speed up the processes, but also to capitalize and perpetuate the firm's data. Consultants can, for example, find the profiles previously proposed for placements similar to those on which they are currently working. All of the firm's intelligence is pooled independently of any internal departures and remains available for consultation wherever the consultants are located.

“In the recruitment sector, which relies on the exchange of a large amount of data, those who master the data have a significant advantage. Humanessence is proof that the quality of the process is not the number of consultants. "
Thierry Andrieux, Founder of Humanessence

This better control of data allows Humanessence, despite its status as an SME and its small number of employees, to compete with the giants of the sector. "The candidates are surprised to discover that we are an SME, given our results," explains Thierry Andrieux.

To further improve its processes, Humanessence plans to develop and optimize its use of Salesforce tools. A connector for aggregating LinkedIn profiles to candidate files is already operational. Other improvements, in particular to make it easier for candidates when they fill in their profile, are also being studied.

  • Recruitment firm created in 2006
  • 20 employees
  • 300 CVs received every day
  • 350,000 qualified CVs
  • 400 candidates met per year by advisor
  • Nearly 600 placements per year