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Deposit a CV, contact request for recruitment... In all cases, we come back to you by phone.


Your file will not be handled by an anonymous or general advisor, but by a real business and sector expert. An advisor who will have an immediate and natural understanding of your goals and constraints.


One of your requests does not correspond to our skills? Your CV does not correspond to any profile currently sought? We just promise to tell you.

Since 2015, Humanessence has decided to support the Petits Princes Association (created in 1987, realizes the dreams of seriously ill children and adolescents.) through voluntary recruitment actions.

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We quickly identify the key technical skills as well as the leadership capacities of our managers in order to respond effectively to the transformation missions that we have to fill.

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This applies to external recruiters as well as candidates and employers: they must differentiate themselves by offering something new. A close relationship with candidates is today the key to effective sourcing and at the heart of the role of the recruitment consultant ...